Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ScriptLogic "A connection to the database could not be created. would you like to select s different database?"

I was assigned a task to install and configure ScriptLogic Enterprise Security Reporter 3. Everything seemed to go well until we launched the Discovery Console from the start menu. Every time we launch the console we get the following dialog box:

If we click on Yes then a new dialog box open for us to select the database in order to connect to it:

This becomes annoying, and it seems that something is blocking the connection. So, in the process of troubleshooting, we disabled the firewall on the SQL box and  everything worked fine and we no longer got the dialog box that we need to connect manually to the database. However, disabling firewall is not recommended and we determined to find which port needs to be opened on the SQL machine, so we downloaded Sysinternal Suite from Microsoft site and used TCPView and got the following output:

As we see from the previous screen shot that we need to open port 50972 on SQL firewall, and once we did that everything worked fine and we no longer get the dialog box.

Here is a good TCPView output:

You gotta love Systinternals Suite

That's all

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