Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Desktop Authority and Firewall issues

We have installed ScriptLogic Desktop Authority on a server and needed to install a short cut on our workstation so that we don't have to log in to the server each time we need to work on the application. After we create the shot cut and tried to launch the Desktop Authority Console we got the following message:
"The Desktop Authority Manager requires that the 'Desktop Authority OpsMaster Service' is running."

Checked the service on the server and it was running and we were able to launch the application on the server, so we turned-off Windows Firewall on the server and launched the application without any issues. So, we used TCPView tool to find which port we need to open on the firewall. The output from the tool showed the following:

It shows the remote port 8017 on the server is blocked. So, we went back to the server and created an exception for port 8017 and enabled the firewall again, and we were able to launch Desktop Authority from the workstation.

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