Monday, November 15, 2010

Creating SharePoint Sites using Web Databases template

I was trying to provision a site under Web Databases categories (Assets Web Database, Charitable Contribution Web, Contacts Web Database, Issue Web Database, and Project Database) and every time I got the following message:

Preparing Site ...
Someone has recently made changes to this site and the site is being updates. If the site  remains offline for an extended period if time, contact a site owner.

Wait a moment and refresh your browser.

I have tried the steps provided in the following Blog and it kinda worked, however, when I provisioned the site I got the following error in the middle of the newly provisioned site:

"Access Service is unable to process the request. click here to try again"

In my scenario I used the manual way to provision the Access Services using a dedicated application pool. I have tried different account and even used farm service account to no avail. Finally, I got it to work by using the configuration wizard.

Not sure why by running the configuration wizard resolved the issue, but I will need to investigate the issue further once I have the time.

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