Thursday, May 6, 2010

IIS SITE_2 and SharePoint 2010

I had SharePoint 2010 Beta2 installed on a single virtual machine and decided to remove to to install SharePoint 2010 RTM version. So, I followed the following steps to remove SharePoint Beta 2:

1. Ran the configuration wizard and disconnected from the farm.
2. Uninstalled SharePoint from Control Panel
3. Uninstalled the SharePoint 2010 Beta prerequisites software.
4. Rebooted the machine.

After removing/uninstalling SharePoint 2010 Beta2, I went ahead and installed SharePoint 2010 RTM and after the SharePoint Configuration Wizard Completed successfully, I launched Central Administration site and to my surprise the icons looked strange, it looked like a combination of Beta and RTM.

Here is a screen shot of the ribbon after SharePoint 2010 RTM installation:

Here is a screen shot of the ribbon from a machine that DID NOT have SharePoint Beta previously installed:

So, I disconnected from the farm and looked at IIS and found the following:

There is SITE_2. However, if you click on it from the left pane you get the following error:

In order to remove it you need to click on Sites on the left pane and then click on SITE_2 to highlight it and then right click on it and select Remove or click on Remove from the right pane:

After removing SITE_2, I ran the configuration wizard one more time and created a new farm and got the same issue. So, I went to control panel and repaired my installtion and that worked for me.

I cannot say for sure that SITE_2 was the culprit, but I have learned my lesson by checking IIS to see if there are any leftover from previous SharePoint installation.

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